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Mass Effect DLC Overview

Now that BioWare has released the final part of downloadable content (DLC) for the original Mass Effect trilogy so it can focus on the next series of games, it's a good time to have a look at the collection of DLC across the three existing games and decide which are worth buying. In case you're ready for your second (or third or fourth) run through of the game, here is a brief rundown of the DLC that includes extra assignments, rather than just multiplayer content: "Bring Down the Sky"     Mass Read more [...]
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X-COM Enemy Unknown Review

I’ve been playing X-Com Enemy Unknown almost solidly for the last 10 days. In fact I really resent the fact that I have got to leave the battle to save the earth from technologically superior aliens to write this review! Firaxis, developer of Civilization games, put all their know-how and ability to create a game that grabs and holds you into X-COM: Enemy Unknown. For me and other players of a certain age, MicroProse’s original X-COM: UFO Defense is second only to Sid Meier’s Civilization Read more [...]
Dishonored Game Preview

Dishonored: Game Preview

Dishonored is a first-person stealth action adventure that comes out next Friday in the UK, which means the demo that was playable at Eurogamer Expo 2012 must be pretty representative of what the final game will actually be like. A single mission does not give many clues on things like the overarching story, the progression of difficulty, and the linearity of the game as a whole, but it does provide a feel for what it will be like to guide Corvo the supernatural assassin through his quest for vengeance. The Read more [...]

StarCraft 2: Game Review

StarCraft 2 is the sequel to the incredibly popular original strategy game released over ten years ago. The original was fantastic, the game was well balanced and offered hours upon hours of endless gameplay. With StarCraft 2 there is so much more, the graphics are some of the best ever seen in a strategy game and the gameplay so finely balanced you have no excuses for losing except a lack of skill! The three main races you can play in the game are the same as in the original, the Terrans, Zerg Read more [...]

BioShock Infinite Delayed: Gaming News

BioShock Infinite, the third game in the popular BioShock series, will not be released in October of this year as originally planned, Ken Levine (co-founder of Irrational Games, the company which develops the BioShock games) revealed on the game's website yesterday. Instead, fans will have to wait until the new release date of February 26th, 2013. The difficult decision to delay the game has been made, Levine says, to give the 'talented team the time they need' to make the game 'even more Read more [...]

The Walking Dead: Episode One – A New Day: Game Review and Preview

The Walking Dead is an episodic release from Telltale Games (the creators of Sam & Max), the first episode of which was released on the 25th of April, with the remaining four due to follow over the summer of this year. It's based on the comic book of the same name, which has also inspired a television series. The game has taken the story of the popular comic and combined it with the dramatic flavour of a television series and produced something highly entertaining.   As may be easily Read more [...]
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